Photo Dump – October 2015

Day 1 of the 30 day Yoga challenge

First visit to Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival

Saying goodbye to old friends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios #mulch

Morris Mulch and his guitarmy

A great turnout for their last show!

Great working with you Hedge!

Mom and me stopping by the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg

Running into my little bro, Chris, and his family on his birthday!

Child of the 80s giddiness – getting a selfie with Tiffany!

Enjoying my daily Shakeology

Tree of Life, long time now see my dear friend

Mom was excited to see the show!

Thanks to my Tumble Monkey for arranging the meet and greet with the cast.

Just a moment and I’ll be out of the road…

Every strong woman needs this Tervis

Evidence of my workout.

A quote found in my journal

Sweaty selfie with messy hair

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Photo Dump – Summer 2015

After many tries, we finally got to meet Baymax and Hiro!

I got a new kitty! He stole Rob’s spot on the couch.

Seeing friends perform at the Dr. Phillips center

With mom of course!

Super Sunday with the Orladno area Beachbody coaches

Blogger event at Fulton’s crab house

Just a peak at the yummy foods we had there. A full review to come!

Friends on the Fulton’s boat!

Catching the Greg Warren Band at Lafayette’s Music Room

Even I can wear makeup sometimes

Out with friends!

Sweaty selfie after a tough and yellow fly-filled run in Polk City

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Photo Dump – Spring 2015

Gringott’s dragon

Fun day when you get to drive this around

First visit to Trader Sam’s

Easter dinner!

Spending some time with the big cheese and his lady

Just a little triathlon fun

My favorite place!

The cover of my new journal

No trip to California Adventure is complete without seeing the Newsboys

Or enjoying the the lounge at the Carthay Circle Restaurant

Florida invaded California

I love Carsland at night!

Happy 60th Disneyland!

And mom and Jake came to see the Hoop Dee Doo Review!

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A 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Hi everyone! Things are finally settling down at work and I am able to start catching up on things.

Back in October, I signed up to be a Team Beachbody coach. I started with PiYo and I loved it! It is a tough workout, but you can definitely feel it all over. I was doing great with  it and with the meal plan. Until the holidays hit. I managed to keep up my workouts for the most part, but my diet fell off track.

Starting with the New Years, I ordered 21 Day Fix and started doing the workouts. At the beginning of the month, I started a Challenge Group with some of the other coaches. We are going strong and have a really active group on Facebook. I’m doing the daily workouts (except on the days when I work 16 hours) and I’m trying to follow the meal plan as closely as possible.

Today I did the Upper Body Fix. I can definitely feel that I am getting stronger, but I still struggle with pushups. I wanted to share what my meals looked like today. It wasn’t a completely ideal day, but I managed to get most of my food in. I still have a few green containers (veggies) that I should get in so I may have some baby carrots when I get home from work if I’m hungry.

I’ve been searching on Pinterest for meal ideas so breakfast today came from there. I found this Chocolate protein pancake recipe and tried it out today. I didn’t make the sauce and just used peanut butter in between each layer. I think next time I’ll make the strawberry sauce to lighten it up a bit.

Shakeology Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Shakeology Chocolate Protein Pancakes

For lunch I made stuffed peppers. I’d been thinking it would be a good way to get in a lot of veggies and protein in a convenient meal. I used this recipe that was shared by one of the other coaches in our Facebook group. It is definitely a keeper. I just hope that Rob doesn’t eat all the leftovers so I have one for lunch tomorrow.

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers

For dinner, I had leftovers from the night before. I found a recipe from Rachael Ray that sounded good. I didn’t follow it exactly the way she had on the website. I plan on figuring out exact measurements next week to give a good 21 Day Fix count. It will definitely be a repeat recipe!

Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Chicken

Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Chicken

If you are interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix or PiYo, send me a message on my Facebook page and I’ll give you all the nitty-gritty.

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2015 WDW Marathon in (Mostly) Pictures

I don’t have much to say about the Marathon this year. It was my worst race ever. My whole body hurt. In fact, the only part that didn’t hurt was my knees. That is usually the part of me that hurts the most.

My hamstring continues to be a pain in the ass (literally). I’ve been trying to stretch it out as much as possible, but it is still being stubborn. I did the Yoga Fix from my 21 Day Fix set two days after the marathon and it made a huge difference in how my legs felt that day. Then I did the Total Body Cardio Fix the next day. It is an amazing workout, but my legs weren’t ready for it, and they let me know!

Here are my pictures from the race:

WDW Marathon Starting Line

WDW Marathon Starting Line

Me with Lou Mongello

Me with Lou Mongello

Me and my friend Cam

Me and my friend Cam

Cinderella's Castle at Sunrise

Cinderella’s Castle at Sunrise


WDW Speedway

WDW Speedway

Robin Hood and Friends

Robin Hood and Friends

My White Cheeked Gibbons were cheering me on

My White Cheeked Gibbons were cheering me on

Citizens of Hollywood - 2015 WDW Marathon -

Citizens of Hollywood

My last picture with the hat :(

My last picture with the hat :(



Almost near the finish in Epcot!

Almost near the finish in Epcot!

Gospel Choir at the finish

Gospel Choir at the finish

I had to stop just 20 feet from the finish to get a picture with this guy!

I had to stop just 20 feet from the finish to get a picture with this guy!

Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck

Clarabelle Cow

Clarabelle Cow

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I’m Still Here!

Sorry for the radio silence for the past few weeks. I’m still here and I’ve been very busy with work. I know I owe you a race review and some updates. I’ll be back tomorrow to get you all caught up. but here is a small preview in case you missed my post on Facebook.

Me and mickey wdw marathon 2015

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2014 Year In Review

2014 was a great year!

I had a lot of things going on and I definitely was more active both physically and blogging then I have been in the past. I started to slack after my race in October, but I picked it up a bit when I started PiYo. I’m focused on getting back on track this year!


donaldmedal2014I ran my third Walt Disney World Half Marathon with Run GKTW. I also volunteered at Give Kids the World Village with my teammates as part of the Extreme Village Makeover.


57f1c-princesshalfmedalsI ran the Enchanted 10K and my 6th Princess Half Marathon, maintaining my Perfect Princess status and completing the Glass Slipper Challenge.


lionMy mom visited and we had some fun visiting the parks. Who doesn’t love seeing animals up close?


Looking back over the blog, April was filled with posts, but I didn’t write much about what I was doing during the month. I shared a fun flashback story about a road trip I took during college. April was the month when I finally bit the bullet and register for my first major triathlon.


I started swimming again. I signed up for US Masters Swimming and joined a local Masters team that trains in Celebration and I realized how much I miss swimming and what a difference it makes to my mental well-being when I am able to train regularly.

piemonte-trioI went to the Epcot After Hours Wind Down with some friends. It was so nice to hang out with friends and enjoy the delicious food and wine that was part to the late night party in Epcot.


64b2b-slideWe headed back to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort for Rob’s birthday for a fun beach vacation.


luckys-beachI went to Lucky’s Lake for my first open water swim. And I enjoyed a night out with the Central Florida Ladies Bloggers at LongHorn Steakhouse.


point-judith-lighthouseWe took a last minute trip to Rhode Island and spent a couple days sailing and eating delicious seafood.


iron-girl-tri-clermontI finally did my first triathlon after making a last minute decision to get up and do the Iron Girl Triathlon.


Hang Loose in front of the VAB

Just because your equipment fails you doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun!

I “completed” the Rocketman Florida Triathlon despite some bike issues.


Ice signI started PiYo and tried out CrossFit for the first time. And ran my second Space Coast Half Marathon. I was lucky enough to be able to visit Ice! at the Gaylord Palms for the first time.


I continued working out with PiYo and unfortunately had to take a bit of a break from blogging when my laptop took a nose dive, but I managed to get another one!

How was your year?

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Space Coast Half Marathon Race Report

I’m so sorry to have been absent from the blog this month. I was dealing with computer issues and lots of time spent at work and fundraising. Now I have a new computer and as of today, I met my fundraising goal. I promise to get back to blogging regularly now!

I was so excited to run my second Space Coast Half Marathon the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I drove out to Cocoa to pick up my bib on Saturday. I was able to hang out with friends before heading home to rest up for the race.

Space Coast Bib

Space Coast Bib

On Sunday morning I met Mel and her husband on Disney property and headed over to Cocoa for the race. The drive is about an hour for us. We stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a small breakfast before parking and heading to the start line.

The race doesn’t have corrals the way Disney or Rock n’ Roll races have. The half marathon starts 30 minutes before the marathon and everyone lines up near the Space Coast and Galloway pacers that have their estimated finish times. We ran into our friends who came into town for the race. We made our way back to the 3:00-3:15 area. I love that the start of the race includes a video of a launch on the screen.

We inched towards the start line after the launch and I quickly lost Mel and her husband, but I still had my friend Holly with me so we ran together for a while. The first 1/4 mile or so makes a few turns before heading on to the out and back portion of the course. Holly and I ran until we got through the turns and then I started my intervals. We hung together for the first mile or so and Holly decided to keep up with the pace group. I stuck with my 1:1 intervals for the next several miles.

Sunrise over the Indian River

Sunrise over the Indian River

Somewhere around mile 2 I ran to the river’s edge to get this picture. While I was taking it I heard someone calling my name and saw that it was my friend’s Shalon and Doug. They are the crazy ones that convinced me to run the marathon next month. We chatted for a few moments before they took off. I remember a year ago when I was the fast one of our group. I didn’t see them again on the out and back course. I felt good during the entire first half of the race. There were several people around me who were doing intervals too and we kept leapfrogging each other. I made it a goal to try to get ahead of them and stay ahead of them. I was successful after about 5 miles and I managed to stay ahead of most of them until mile 11.

Less than 1/4 mile from the turn around point, I saw Holly again. I was surprised that she wasn’t that far ahead of me. I seriously thought she would be over a mile ahead of me by that point. The turn around was quick and easy and I was happy to be on my way back to the finish line.

I knew I was ahead of one of the 3:15 pace groups. I was feeling generally good. The pain that I had been experiencing in my calf was not there, but my hip was starting to get a little bit tight. I continued to follow my intervals and kept trying to mentally pick off the people ahead of me. There was one person that decided that they wanted to talk to me when I was doing my walk interval. She talked a lot, and fast! I finally did a double run interval to get ahead of her.

I passed Holly around mile 10 and somewhere close to mile 11.5 to 12 the leader of the marathon passed me. I had been doing a good job maintaining my intervals until mile 12 when the tightness in my hip and hamstring were too much and I skipped a running interval or two. When I did run, I definitely slowed down.

Looking at my splits I was actually doing great and I was on target for a PR until mile 10. If only my hip and hamstring hadn’t been a brat. I’ve since been working on stretching and strengthening it. We’ll see how it works next month at the marathon.

Space Shuttle Challenger Medal from 2014 Space Coast Half Marathon

Space Shuttle Challenger Medal

I was so happy to reach the park and I actually ran to the finish line unlike last year when I was just done. I saw some people that I had been leapfrogging as I was approaching the finish line. Of course, I had to turn on what speed I had and race past them to get to the finish!

Post Race Breakfast at Space Coast Half Marathon

Post Race Breakfast

I was pretty happy with my results since my training hadn’t been as consistent as it was the year before. I wasn’t as far off from my PR as I thought I would be.  Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 13:33
Mile 2: 14:23
Mile 3: 14:09
Mile 4: 14:05
Mile 5: 14:14
Mile 6: 14:25
Mile 7: 14:40
Mile 8: 14:38
Mile 9: 14:38
Mile 10: 15:43
Mile 11: 15:08
Mile 12: 15:08
Mile 13: 16:13
Mile 14: 15:58

I would have had a 4 minute PR if I had kept up my pace all the way through! Oh well, there is always next year!

Who else ran the Space Coast Marathon or Half Marathon? Are you doing the Intergalactic Challenge?

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Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic

It’s that time of year again. The gift giving season that encompasses Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza (is exchanging gifts part of the tradition?), and most importantly… my birthday! So I assembled a list of the best gifts for the fitness fanatic in your life (or for me if you want to get a present for me).

Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic 2014

1) Race Registration

2014 Rocketman Triathlon Medal

2014 Rocketman Triathlon Medal

Let’s be honest, registering for all of those races isn’t cheap. What better way to show that you care then to pay for one of those registrations for your favorite athlete. I’m anxiously awaiting the official announcement for the Rocketman Tri. They have a probably date for the race, but they are waiting for all of the approvals before they are able to open registration. There are plenty of other races out there that I’m looking forward to doing, but Rocketman is #1 on my list. I have a score to settle with that bike course.

2) Subscription to their favorite magazine

I’ve had subscriptions to Runner’s World, Women’s Running and Health for the past year. a renewal of any of those subscriptions would make me happy. I think Health may actually be the best option for me since I focus on more than just running these days!

3) Socks

Runners can never have enough socks. Of course, the socks that runners use are not your normal everyday socks. Runners need moisture wicking socks and moisture wicking socks are not cheap. My current favorite socks are made by Feetures! They have extra support around your arch which feels amazing.

4) Rocktape

I recently threw out all my KT Tape. If it stuck is it was amazing, but most of the time it would start falling off with an hour. I did some research and found that many of my running friends were using RockTape. I ordered some and it stuck! I had it on my knee for 4 days and it wasn’t going anywhere. It worked just as well at KT Tape did, and I didn’t have to worry about it falling off.

5) Nuun

982bb-nuunI cannot begin to say how much I love Nuun. I first read about it on Emily’s blog many years ago and I tried it out at an expo not long after that. It is always in my bottles when I run or bike. For this weekend’s Space Coast Half Marathon I carried a bottle with me and drank it between the water stops. I only grabbed water at the water stops since I’ve realized that the overly sweet Gatorade upsets my stomach. I didn’t have any stomach issues during the race and the one bottle was just enough for me to have during a half marathon. I think for my upcoming marathon I will need to carry an extra tablet with me. My favorite flavors are Orange and Lemon-Lime. I have Triple Berry in the mix too.

6) Hand-held bottle

I used to have a little hand-held bottle. With all the moves I’ve made in the past 3+ years, the bottle was put away. I recently pulled it out and tried to take it for a run. The bottle was in good shape but the strap and the pocket that zippered shut, not so much. The zipper was stuck. Corroded and nasty. I had to toss it out. 🙁 I could definitely use a new bottle. I’ve been carrying my Team in Training bottle, but having a strap would allow me to relax my grip a little bit. I really like the Nathan Quick Draw Plus Handheld Hydration Pack. It has a nice big pocket to put my keys and ID in and of course, it is available in purple.

7) A quilt made from their race shirts

I have so many race shirts. Too many. I would love to have a way to commemorate the races without filling up my closet with all the extra shirts. I know friend who have had quilts made from their shirts and I think that is a great way to preserve your shirts and have a neat way to show them all off too. One thing I may do is wait until I reach my 10th Princess Half Marathon before making those shirts into a quilt. I found Shirt Tales by Sarah on another blog but it looks like she isn’t taking any more orders for the holidays. I you are crafty, there are a lot of lots of ideas on Pinterest to make the quilt yourself. Hmm… it may be time to dig out the sewing machine.

8) Clothes

Runner Gift Ideas- The Show-Off by Champion

The Show-Off by Champion

I find it funny that I have an entire drawer of my dresser dedicated to fitness clothing. And it is full. And there are other items in my closet. Yet I don’t care. I would happily accept new running shorts, sports bras or tops without even hesitating. I even recently cleaned out a lot of what I already had and the drawer is still over flowing. I personally would love to have a few more pairs of shorts. I’m not a fan of the loose ones. I actually prefer wearing compression shorts since they don’t ride up on me. And it is definitely time to get more sports bras. I love my current bras, but I can’t find the style anymore. I found this style on the Champion Sports Bras website. I’ve had great luck with their bras in the past and I think this might be the next one to try out.

9) CrossFit Membership

I really enjoyed my CrossFit sessions and I plan on going back as soon as I have the money for it. If your fitness fanatic wants to try something different, how about signing them up for a month of CrossFit. I bet they will be addicted by the end of the month!

10) Fitness classes

There are so many different ways to get your sweat on. I have fitness ADD and love trying out all the different fitness class that are out there. I would love to try some of the trapeze classes that they offer here in Orlando. Or maybe some Bar classes. I would even love to go back to complete my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Find out what your fitness fanatic is in to and get them a gift certificate for a class or two!

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WIN Detergent Review and Giveaway #SweatHardSmellGreat

With me exercising more than ever, I have more workout clothes to clean than ever. And those clothes don’t always smell the best even after they have been washed. I recently had the opportunity to review WIN Detergent. I was really excited when I was contacted about the review because I find that I my workout just never smell as fresh as the rest of my clothes. And I don’t want to be the stinky kid in the gym {CrossFit} class.

WIN Detergent Review

WIN Detergent

WIN detergent is designed to remove sweat, oils and odors from all technical apparel. You can chose from original WIN or WIN GREEN. The GREEN version dye-free and fragrance free. The formula is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. That is especially important to me since we usually use the “free” detergent for our regular clothes since we both have sensitive skin.

I tried both of the detergents that were sent to me and I love the way it worked my workout clothes. Everything smelled fresher and even though original WIN had a fragrance to it, I am happy to report that it was light and pleasant. It reminded me of how my clothes would smell after hanging them out on the line to dry.

The best testament for how well the detergent eliminates odors would have to be when I used it on my running belt and hat from the Rocketman Tri. The belt smelled horrible. It sat with the salt and other grossness from the Indian River on it for a few weeks and when I went to use it for a run, the smell was so bad that I decided to leave it at home. I actually filled up the sink with water and a cap full of detergent and put my belt and my Rocketman hat (which had been sitting in the same bucket as the belt and smelled equally as bad) into the sink to soak while I was out for my run. When I got home I rinsed them off and put them outside to dry. It saved them! I was about to throw out the belt since I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it clean.

Here is the exciting part! WIN gave me the opportunity to share their detergent with one lucky reader. One reader will receive a full sized bottle of each detergent, both the original and the GREEN. If you aren’t the lucky winner, or you just want to buy your own WIN detergent, you can use the coupon code WINGIVE1 to get $1 off your bottle.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to follow WIN on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or visit their website (and check out the video about why it works when your regular detergent doesn’t) for more information, or follow these hashtags: #SweatHardSmellGreat #WINDetergent

Disclosure: I was given product to review from WIN through Sweat Pink for this giveaway, however all opinions are my own.


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